Missoni for Target: DFW Style Daily Hits the Road

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This Tuesday morning, September 13th, Missoni’s massive, highly-anticipated capsule collection for Target hit with a bang. To beat the crowds (or so we thought), this team took to the highway, venturing far outside the loop to check out the bargain-priced, flame-stitched goods in person.


Read on for the full report — and the haul.



Starting early Tuesday morning, the rumors were already swirling on Facebook.


Missoni for Target had arrived, everyone posted, but with the sun still hovering on the horizon, display racks across Dallas had been systematically ransacked. Disgruntled interior decorators were squabbling over plates and tumblers, swiping pillows printed with the iconic Italian design house’s unmistakable zig-zags from fellow shoppers’ carts. The big box retailer’s website had crashed, due to heavy online shopping traffic, and news was grim with regard to remaining Missoni collaboration stock inside the city limits.


Where there’s a will, however, there is always a way.


We here at DFW Style Daily pulled out a small army of iPhones, locating a promising bullseye in (wait for it…) Waxahachie. Grabbing coffee and one unsuspecting intern, we hit the road. Several wrong turns and about 45 minutes later, we arrived.



Surprisingly, even this small-town Target had been hit very early by shoppers on Missoni missions. One staffer informed us that two individuals alone had scooped up $5,000 worth of merch in the early-morning hours, presumably to re-sell on Ebay.



Undaunted, we waded in to see what remained.  Pleasantly surprised, we found decedent selections in the women’s and girl’s clothing departments, as well as in stationary and small gifts. The bad news? All totes had been cleaned out, as well as towels, most pillows, men’s clothing, and shoes in most average sizes. We pressed on, though, each finding a small treasure trove of zig-zag goods to feather our nests (and closets).


Here, we present each team member’s take on the haul:



Abby Gregory:  “This collection is like a party on the Italian Riviera – I never want it to end! Best collection since the Rodarte and Erin Featherston collabs, in my opinion. My favorite purchases so far are a pair of mod pumps, a semi-sheer printed sweater, and several adorably chic wine totes. I wish I’d been able to find the Missoni bike, though, and a full set of the black and white cocktail tumblers.”




Jim Duran: “I was worried that the bold pieces I selected might make too much of a statement in my home. After living with them for the afternoon, however, I found that they actually compliment my decor nicely, without stealing all the attention from my artwork and other home accessories.”




Danielle Gersh (intern): “I love all my finds, but if I had to choose one, I think I would say the sweater dress (kids XL) was my favorite of the bunch. I am really impressed by the quality of the clothes and how well they reflect Missoni’s original look. I am still determined to track down a swimsuit and some picture frames!”

As for this reporter, I too was impressed by the overall quality of the items. I returned home with several dresses and sweaters, as well as candles, a scarf, and notecards. The clothing feels substantial, and a hefty fall shawl-collar cardigan, especially, could have easily sold at a designer retailer for many times its $50 price tag.
On a final note, our curious intern confessed to searching ‘Missoni for Target’ on Ebay after returning to work. Danielle recalls, “The search came back with over 4,000 items. Even crazier, people were actually bidding on items at four times their original prices.”
As of this morning, Target’s website is back online. Many items in the Missoni collection are still in stock, but we’d guess they’re going fast. Store stock will also be replenished, we hear, but staffers were mum (at least in Waxahachie) about specific dates and times.
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