Insider Shopping: Hat Etiquette 101

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Rhonda Sargent Chambers is DFW Style Daily’s go-to gal for seasonal, trend-inspired shopping advice. Today, school is in session with Rhonda’s field guide to fall hats, plus when (and when not) to wear them.



Everyone who knows me well has learned that I love Robert’s Rules of Order and Emily Post’s Etiquette.  Do I follow them to the letter? Well, I try. The fact is, in matters of etiquette, rules change with the times. This is especially true on the subject of personal style.


Speaking of which, as we dive head-first into fall, the tricky topic of hats often raises issues. On page 46 of the fabulously updated 17th Edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette, we learn the answer to the often-asked question, “When should one remove a hat indoors?”


The answer isn’t so simple. There’s a marked difference in etiquette rules as they apply to fashion hats versus casual baseball caps.  I hope you’re paying attention, class:


Fashion Hats:  When indoors, one should take off a fashion hat when working in an office, or if the hat is blocking someone’s view (as in the theater).


Baseball Caps:  When indoors, one should take off a baseball cap when inside a home, inside an office, at any mealtime table, inside a restaurant or coffee shop, during a movie or play, during the national anthem, or when the U.S. flag passes by (as in a parade).


And, as ever, appropriateness and taste should always be taken into consideration.


With that in mind, let’s get to shopping. Below you’ll find my top hat picks for fall.





1. I adore this snappy Gucci Trilby Hat.  ($495, from Saks Fifth Avenue)









2.  I am proud to say that the owners of Intermix, brothers Khajak and Haro, are my friends.  They always take risks, and they have great taste. Right now, I’m loving this “Hat Attack” round rim wool hat in burgundy. ($85, from Intermix)








3.  Eugenia Kim has cornered the market this fall with her boho chic hats, like this rabbit felt fedora. ($385, from Net-a-Porter)









4.  Another fedora, this time by Juicy Couture, is both chic and bargain-priced.  ($68, from Revolve)









5. Michael Stars makes hats? They must be soft and comfortable! ($110, from CUSP by Neiman Marcus)







(photo credits, from top: 1., 2., 3., 4., 5.


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