Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s Misses the Mark


  The Chanel designer's capsule collection has arrived at local Macy's stores. DFW Style Daily's Abby Gregory checks out the goods, with (mostly) disappointing results.     Legendary Karl Lagerfield has arrived at Macy’s, in the form of a much-anticipated diffusion line for the department store. We stopped by NorthPark Center yesterday to get the scoop on the collection, designed for Macy’s Impulse division, and as we watched the store’s visual director assemble the looks for display, we felt unexpectedly underwhelmed.  

  We regret to report that many of the pieces struck us as mediocre and maudlin. Then there were the truly low points, such as a faux crocodile hooded vest ($89). Yes, you read that correctly: a faux crock hoodie.   The use of color within the line was mostly a miss, to put it simply, and while we did warm up to some of the basic black pieces, the overall aesthetic just didn't click.  

  On the plus side, were there items we might add to our own wardrobes? Yes, but very few. The short list includes severe, basic dresses in black jersey (from $79) and a tweed jacket dress with exposed zipper (shown here, $129).  And, of course, the gold-lettered tees with Uncle Karl’s face on them were tempting.   On a positive note, we learned that the full collection hasn’t yet arrived at the store. A few more items of clothing and various accessories are still to come. Here’s hoping for more highlights, and fewer duds.   (photo credits, from top: 1. Abby Gregory for DFW Style Daily, 2. Abby Gregory for DFW Style Daily, 3. Macys.com)

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