I Had To Have It: Impulse Purchases, Revealed!

  Have you ever acted on impulse?   We here at DFW Style Daily know that shopping is an art. And while many joyous sprees net the retail equivalent of Monets and Chagalls, other purchases lean more toward Dogs Playing Poker.       Get our drift?   In this second installment of our ongoing series, two of Dallas’s most stylish trendsetters will reveal the doozies that left them wondering, “What was I thinking?”    

1. Anna-Sophia’s Designer Dud


  Gorgeous Anna-Sophia van Zweden is the Honorary After-Party Chair of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra AT&T Gala, as well as the Co-Chair of RE:DEFINE – The MTV Staying Alive Foundation Benefit. In other words, she definitely has great style.   A Missoni bathing suit purchased on a trip to the Netherlands, however, proved to be a departure from Anna-Sophia’s usual savvy shopping habits. Why?   “I had to have this suit because of its African touch, and the cut is amazing on the body," she explains. "But I should have known better. Like bathing suits I’ve coveted in the past, I never wore this one because I don’t want funny tan lines!”  

2. Model Citizen, Criminal Shirt


  Next up, Christopher Rich of the Page Parkes 214 Agency proves that not all Neiman Marcus treasure hunts net fashion gold.   Christopher snapped up this paisley shirt by BC Ethic at Neiman’s about 10 years back.  When he wore it with a pair of black leather pants, he recalls, “I felt like Jim Morrison from the Doors!”   The rock star fantasy soon faded, though, and now he admits this “nightmare” of a purchase “looks like bad drapes from the ‘70s.”     (Anna-Sophia van Zweden headshot credit: Gittings)

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