Men’s Trend Report: Look Like a Gent in Three Easy Steps




Each week, DFW Style Daily’s Jim Duran shares key wardrobe tips for guys. Just in time for the weekend, today’s column is all about dressing to impress for a night on the town. Cargo shorts need not apply.



I have seen it a thousand times. A beautiful woman in a cocktail dress and Louboutins walks into a hotspot on the arm of a guy in cargo shorts and flip-flops.  Listen, men, when a woman is dressed like a ten she doesn’t want to been seen with a four!


In the interest of preventing such date night tragedies, I’ve compiled three styling hints that will instantly make any guy look more like a gentleman. Trust me, she will notice.



First and foremost, it’s all about the jacket. A great jacket is the easiest way to dress up an outfit, whether it’s an edgy motorcycle jacket or sport coat. But please, guys, do not try to pull a fast one by wearing a suit jacket as a sport coat. I have seen a lot of this lately, and it just doesn’t work. Suit jackets are made of lighter fabrics than most sport coats and they hang differently. Invest in a well-tailored sport coat or stylish jacket and you will se a huge return.



Second, a man with refined taste will tell you the key to any outfit is the belt. Whether you choose a classic braided leather belt or a version that’s simple yet chic in black, keep in mind that the wider the belt, the less formal it is. The gauge of a belt should lessen as the day progresses.


Also, your belt should not be the focal point of your outfit, especially if the buckle features a designer logo. If you are going to wear a designer logo belt, the rest of your outfit should be more conservative. In other words, don’t tuck your Ed Hardy t-shirt behind those giant double G’s, unless you’re prepared to look like a total douche.



Finally, let’s address the shoes. My mother always said that you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes. I know flip-flops are comfortable, but what do they say about you? Nothing good, that’s for sure. If your woman can spend the evening in six-inch heels, then surely you can put on a decent pair of shoes. And if you haven’t reached for those dress loafers in a while, make sure that they are properly polished.


See? That wasn’t so tough. Even if you only use two of these hints at all times, then you will notice a great change in your look and success rate with the ladies. You can thank me later.



(photos, from top: 1. Viktor & Rolf Unstructured Blazer, $1,235 from Saks Fifth Avenue; 2. Salvatore Ferragamo Reversible Belt, $270 from Barneys New York; 3. Prada High Shine Loafer, $570 from Nordstrom)