Fashion’s Night Out at Neiman Marcus Willow Bend

    Fashion's Night Out 2011 will take place Thursday, September 8th, from 6 – 11 p.m. Next up in DFW Style Daily's continuing coverage of Dallas-area FNO events is Neiman Marcus at Willow Bend Mall. Here's what you can expect at Neiman's northern outpost:
  • Runway presentation of Men's Fall Trends in support of the Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS Organization.
  • Personal appearance by Dallas designer Stephanie Anne in Designer Jewelry.
  • Fashion's Night Out Photo Booth for on-the-spot event photos.
  • Runway presentation of Top Ten Fall Trends for Women.
  • On the Go Yoga and Casual Wear presentation with Allison Edwards of Where Wear in the City and Jennifer Buxton of Real Posh Moms.
  • Personal appearance by Miss Texas 2011 Kendall Morris, and Ron Corning and Cynthia Izaguirre of WFAA TV 8's "Daybreak".
  • Following the fashion shows, in-store restaurant to be transformed into the "Red Room" lounge. Complimentary martinis, wine, and champagne will be served. Donations of $50 to the Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS Organization requested for entrance.
    Local event hours may differ from official Fashion’s Night Out hours. Click here to view DFW Style Daily’s complete coverage.

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