Under The Radar Shopping: Piermarini Boutique

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Which 20-year old Dallas entrepreneur blew us away recently with his stylish sensibility and sartorial charm? Abby Gregory chats with John Piermarini, our newest fashion scene favorite.



Dallas native John Piermarini, owner of eponymous Uptown boutique, Piermarini, recently launched a collaboration with star local designer Abi Ferrin. Below, we pick his brain about the new line, plus his up-and-coming fall finds and why his mom remains his personal style icon.


DFW Style Daily: You became a boutique owner at age 20. How did you develop such sophisticated tastes at such a young age?

JP: “Well, I began designing when I was 15, so I feel like I’ve been working in this world for a long time! I designed a wedding gown by the time I was 17, and I pursued as many opportunities in fashion as I could handle, while still in high school at Greenhill. My mother has such amazing taste, so I grew up with the idea that personal style matters, as well as how you present yourself. [At Piermarini Boutique], I just wanted to create an environment that gave people a place to do that!”


What elements of your mother’s style and taste stand out to you most prominently?

“She is just effortlessly polished, always. I have very vivid memories of the way she wore her faux fur jackets and classic, faux fur trimmed sweaters. But the piece I recall most strongly is the pair of cobalt blue, insanely high platform heels that she loved. That was in the ‘90s, and I didn’t realize until later how avant-garde and ahead of her time she was with those shoes!”



You recently developed a line with another major trendsetter, Abi Ferrin. How did that collaboration come together?

“Abi and I met through mutual friends a while ago, and we just clicked. She and I have a diverse clientele, but we both recognized that our customers were missing some very basic wardrobe elements, like the layering pieces that everyone needs, but often has trouble finding. And so Abi & John was created as a line of tanks in blush, nude, and black to fill the void our customers had in their closets.” (Abi & John tanks pictured above, $80 – $90)


In addition to Abi & John, what can we expect to see on the racks at Piermarini for fall?

“One of my main goals with Piermarini is to focus on new and up-and-coming talent, because there is nothing better than having a designer on my racks and seeing Barney’s or Bergdorf Goodman pick them up a season or two later. This fall, I sourced a lot of new lines from Brazil, Norway, and Sweden, and the sweaters I’m importing from Germany are ridiculous. I’m so ready for the new season right now!”


Head to Piermarini at 2701 Hibernia Street in Dallas to check out pieces from cool labels like LNA and Naven. As an added bonus, you can hang out with John in the kitchen or relax in the lounge areas if you need a break during a stressful day of shopping. The boutique is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.


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