D Magazine’s ‘Best of Big D’ Shopping: The Hits and The Misses

      D Magazine has just announced 2011's Best of Big D winners. Much like April’s cliché-intensive 52 Things Every Dallasite Must Do, we’d say this list is hit or miss. Here, DFW Style Daily weighs in on the selections that apply to our shopping and fashion focus.         More important, however, is your opinion. Which picks do you love, and which bests did D Mag forget? Read on and prepare to comment.  
  • Best Shop for Affordable Women’s Clothing
  D Mag’s Pick: Bittano Readers’ Pick: Just Add Jeans   We can’t argue with Mockingbird Station's Bittano as a solid choice for affordable, on-trend clothing, but the readers seem to have veered off course here with their pick. When last we looked, Just Add Jeans, a relative newcomer to the Bishop Arts District, stocked mainly teen-focused fashions and cheap costume jewelry.  
  • Best Jewelry Designer
  D Mag’s Pick: Amber Venz Readers’ Pick: Amanda Sterett   We’ll go with the readers on this one, as Amanda Sterett’s designs are definitely award-worthy. It’s also worth noting that Ms. Sterett shined as one of Modern Luxury’s Fresh Faces of Fashion this year.  
  • Best Vintage Clothing Store
  D Mag’s Pick: Vintage Martini Readers’ Pick: Dolly Python   Dolly will have a one-up on Martini with the upcoming arrival of selections from soon-to-shutter Ahab Bowen.  
  • Best Shoe Store
  D Mag’s Pick: Gregory’s Readers’ Pick: Lou Lou   We know you heart Gregory’s, ShopTalk, but it’s hardly the best shoe store in town. For selection, service, and labels we love, DFW Style Daily would choose Nordstrom NorthPark, Stanley Korshak, Jimmy Choo, or Christian Louboutin over this incredibly expensive, often crystal-bedazzled choice.  
  • Best Gift Shop
  D Mag’s Pick: We Are 1976 Readers’ Pick: Nasher Sculpture Center Store   How in the world did The Gypsy Wagon only net a mention as readers’ pick in the ‘Home Accessories’ category? Our favorite Henderson Avenue boutique would have fit in nicely here as one of the city's best gift shops, as well as in the ‘Affordable Women’s Clothing’ category above.  
  • Best Shop for Designer-Label Women’s Fashions
  D Mag’s Pick: Forty Five Ten Readers’ Pick: Nordstrom  
  • Best Men’s Clothing Store
  D Mag’s Pick: Barneys New York Readers’ Pick: Nordstrom   Props to D for selecting Forty Five Ten, a nationally-recognized standard-setter, in the women's designer category. On the other hand, we’d only nominate Barneys for a ‘Snobby Service’ award. Or perhaps an honorable mention as ‘Top Heidi Dillon Haunt’.  
  • Best Place to Buy Jeans
  D Mag’s Pick: The Blues Jean Bar Readers’ Pick: The Blues Jean Bar  
  • Best Women’s Clothing Consignment Shop
  D Mag’s Pick: Clotheshorse Anonymous Readers’ Pick: Clotheshorse Anonymous  
  • Best Jewelry Store
  D Mag’s Pick: Ylang 23 Readers’ Pick: Bachendorf’s   We could pack up our Manolos, maxi dresses, and toothbrush right now and move into Ylang 23. In other words, no complaints there.  
  • Best Women’s Clothing Boutique
  D Mag’s Pick: Elements Readers’ Pick: Melanie Gayle   In this broad category, we agree that both winners are solid. In the future, however, why not break it down to make room for a few more local destinations that deserve a little love? Among them are Accents, Mal Malouf, Allie-Coosh, Tootsies, Stanley Korshak, Emeralds to Coconuts, The Gypsy Wagon (yes, we mentioned 'em again), and Cicada Collection. We could go on.   Next year, how about adding women’s sub-heads for ‘Best New Addition’, ‘Best Hidden Gem’, or 'Best In-House Design’? The same could apply to men's clothing stores. Lastly, we might also throw out the idea of an 'Legends' award, first going to Neiman Marcus' downtown flagship.       Finally, a shout-out to Richardson City Council Member Amir Omar, for his enticing description of one his favorite hometown boutiques. Of Beyond the Door in Richardson he asks, "Where else can you shop personalized items, jewelry, and antiques for the woman in your life, and walk out to a farmers market every Saturday?" We'll definitely be checking out this new-to-us find soon.   (photos: D Magazine Cover, credit DMagazine.com; Amanda Sterett's Linsi Necklace; Forty Five Ten Exterior, credit: DFW Style Daily)  

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