Each week, DFW Style Daily’s Jim Duran examines an up-and-coming trend for men. Today, denim shorts are on the docket. Who can wear them – and who cannot? Plus, where to pick up a pair (if you dare).



Being from Austin, land of the hipster, I have become very accepting all things “weird.”  Fashion trends in this category include the wearing of boots and skinny jeans in 100-degree weather, head-to-toe American Apparel ensembles, and barely-there tanks.


A few, like the latter, I have adopted as elements of my personal style. However, there is one Austin-approved trend that Dallas has yet to fully embrace: the denim short.


Whether cut off, rolled up, or perfectly hemmed, the denim short has slowly crept its way back onto the radar of the young, broke, and fabulous. What started out as a cost-effective look for the strip mall barista has evolved into a fashion craze spotted on the catwalks of such notable designers as Dolce & Gabbana, Dsquared2, and Balmain.



Gone are the days of the über-long, wide leg denim short, dangling with utility straps (see: Zack Morris). Instead, ultra-fitted, specialty-washed variations from fashion’s heaviest hitters are the new standard.


Mass-market brands such as Diesel and Levi Strauss have also caught on to the craze, both issuing their own modern versions of the denim short. Diesel, known for crafty washes and quality fabrics, has taken the concept one step further with the oh-so-scandalous denim short-short.


“The people that are fashion-forward are wearing them,” says Michael Brink, Supervisor at Diesel NorthPark Center.


Guys, some of you might not be ready!


On a related note, fellas, when it comes to this trend, it’s a must that you take into consideration your own body type. If you have bulging soccer thighs, you run the risk of looking like a gay construction worker.  Similarly, men with linebacker-esque frames should avoid this trend completely, lest they be mistaken for a middle school football coach.



In my opinion (which is why I’m here for you, after all), the denim short is best suited to a lean, slender build.


If, after careful consideration, you decide to test the waters, I’ve highlighted my top picks here (see shopping info below). Mixed with the right shirt and accessories, the updated denim short can be very chic, indeed.


(Photos, from top left: 1. Levi Strauss denim shorts, $49 at Urban Outfitters; 2. Dsquared2 denim shorts, $360 from NiftyFits.com; 3. Dolce and Gabbana denim shorts, $169.99 from LoveAndChic.com; 4. Diesel denim shorts, $81 at Diesel NorthPark Center)