DFW Style Daily: A Letter From the Editor

  What does style mean to you?   Why is it important?   Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the fashion scene here in North Texas. From splashy interviews with big-name celebrities like Manolo Blahnik and Kim Kardashian to intimate chats with local designers, it has been my mission to convey the most reliable and downright fascinating information about local style available anywhere in the Metroplex.   To that end, I’ve tripped through dusty warehouses in search of vintage finds, chased leads through mazes of red tape, and witnessed some pretty wicked backstage shenanigans that expose the ugly side of this beautiful business. The truth is, however, I haven’t always had the freedom to tell the whole story.   Starting today, things are going to change.   DFW Style Daily will bring to you the latest local fashion news, trend updates, and shopping tips, plus exclusive videos. What’s more, I’ve gathered a team of writers to track what’s really going on in the world of Dallas style. No tricks, no politics -- we’ll play by no rules other than our own.   I invite you to explore the site, and enjoy daily posts that include:
  • Video Interviews
  • Party Galleries
  • Street Style
  • Insightful Editorials
  • Store Openings and Closings
  • Retail Reviews
  And that’s just the beginning. Moving forward, I ask you to consider what you want. What can we give you that you aren’t seeing already? Join the conversation and tell us what’s on your stylish mind. This team isn’t holding back, and neither should you.   I’m Lisa Petty, and I’d like to personally welcome you to DFW Style Daily.

133 thoughts on “DFW Style Daily: A Letter From the Editor

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